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The Truth Of The JFK Assassination Is Coming Dangerously Close To Being Revealed

With the release of yet another devastatingly truthful book about Allen Dulles, one of the masterminds of JFK’s assassination, it is getting harder for the mainstream media and its talking heads to keep their wall of lies from crumbling.  David Talbot’s The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government is an irrefutable indictment of the plotters and their motives; so convincing that even writers, publications, and media outlets on the periphery of the establishment are taking pick axes to the half-century of illusions that officialdom has used to keep us blinded.  Reviews of Chessboard are unanimous—we can no longer deny  the evil Dulles and his cronies perpetrated on the country, including the murder of our 35th President.

Writing in “Foreign Policy Journal,” David Swanson admits that “…there’s not nearly as much disagreement regarding what happened to John and Robert Kennedy as major communications corporations would have you believe…your darkest suspicions about how the world operates are likely an underestimate. Yes, there is an amorphous group of unelected corporate lawyers, bankers, and intelligence and military officials who form an American ‘deep state,’ setting real limits on the rare politicians who ever try to get out of line…For those of us who were already convinced of that up to our eyeballs, Talbot’s book is still one of the best I’ve seen on the Dulles brothers and one of the best I’ve seen on the assassination of John F. Kennedy.”

As Talbot so clearly lays it out, JFK had many enemies, the most deadly of whom were the masters of America’s secret government—the CIA, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, America’s oil cartel, and Wall Street moneychangers.  Dulles was the ringleader of these traitors.  After he had trapped Kennedy into the Bay of Pigs mess, Kennedy fired him and other sacred intelligence cows.  Dulles swore revenge, and marshalled all the malevolent forces who wanted the President dead.  The result was Dallas, 11/22/63.

Swanson, summarizing the work of Talbot and others, explains, “[JFK] wouldn’t fight Cuba or the Soviet Union or Vietnam or East Germany or independence movements in Africa. He wanted disarmament and peace. He was talking cooperatively with Khrushchev, as Eisenhower had tried prior to the U2-shootdown sabotage. The CIA was overthrowing governments in Iran, Guatemala, the Congo, Vietnam, and around the world. Kennedy was getting in the way…Kennedy had made enemies of bankers and industrialists. He was working to shrink oil profits by closing tax loopholes, including the oil depletion allowance. He aggressively went after steel corporations and prevented their price hikes.  Kennedy wanted to eliminate or drastically weaken and rename the CIA. Yes he threw Dulles and some of his gang out the door. Yes he refused to launch World War III over Cuba or Berlin or anything else.  This was the sort of behavior that could get you overthrown.”

With his courageous work, Talbot has blasted the wall of secrecy surrounding Allen Dulles and his evil cult.  Will CBS, NBC, ABC, the New York Times, et al, pay attention?  Or will the bastards be the last to report the truth of THE crime of the 20th century?


British Writer Praises JFK Assassination Book, “The President’s Mortician”

Garrick Alder writes for a UK publication called Lobster.  It appears quarterly and is billed as an on-line magazine which deals with “politics, parapolitics, and history.”  In addition to book reviews, there are articles about conspiracy theories, economics, global politics, and contemporary history.  The President’s Mortician caught Alder’s eye, and the subject matter stimulated the review reprinted below.

“The publication of Tim Fleming’s book marks, to my
knowledge, the first real attempt to (forgive the phrase) put
flesh on the biographical bones of John Melvin Liggett, a
shadowy character whose apparent connections to the JFK
assassination are discussed in my own ‘Doubles and
Disinformation’ in this issue of Lobster.

“There is good news and bad news about this book. The
bad news is that, despite the author’s first-hand research into
Liggett’s life, his book is so heavily fictionalised as to count as
a novel. The good news is that it’s actually well worth buying
and reading despite this. Fleming is a devoted JFK researcher
and writer, and runs a worthwhile blog1 about US politics from
a leftist perspective in general and the JFK killing in particular.

“The narrative of The President’s Mortician is compelling
and convincingly unpredictable, despite being entirely based
on a completely bogus ‘McGuffin’ (the murder of a fictional
character by the real-life Liggett and the characters’ attempts
to solve the case). Of particular interest to researchers will be
the ‘book within the book’ setting out one of the characters’
interpretation of the assassination and its consequences. It
came as little surprise to me when Mr Fleming confirmed in an
e-mail conversation that this metatext was an excerpt from his
own unpublished writing, and I recommend that he pursues
finding a publisher for it. He also told me that he had originally
planned a non-fiction biography of Liggett. This is maddening
(to me, at least) because it means that we are left to sift
through a cast of fictional, composite and real characters and
events with no idea of which is which. For instance: Liggett’s
youthful participation in David Ferrie’s Civil Air Patrol outfit and
his recruitment by the CIA therefrom. This is plainly of key
importance to understanding Liggett’s life but I have no idea
whether it’s real or pretend. Mr Fleming’s characters are all
equally well-drawn and rounded, making it even more difficult
(although I have a strong suspicion that the wholly-fictitious
characters are the ones with a noticeable tendency to ‘infodump’
in order to move the plot along in leaps and bounds).

“And some of his work is plainly a synthesis of his own reading
and beliefs. For example, one character anachronistically
provides an unattributed précis of David Lifton’s Best Evidence,
fifteen years before it was published.

“Mr Fleming has expressed his hope that The President’s
Mortician will stimulate others to carry out their own research.
In the sense that it tantalised me so much that I want to pick
up the phone and hammer the Internet until I have tracked
down his primary sources (whom he declined to identify in any
way) and bled them dry of information, he can count his hopes
fulfilled. Others will perhaps be more sanguine about the
matter: perhaps, at this distance, a novelist has more hope of
untangling Liggett’s life than anyone else.

“Liggett himself moves through the novel like a predatory
fish in a muddy river, glimpsed here and there as the action
unfolds, but rarely surfacing. The key points of interest to
researchers are the two chapters which describe Liggett’s
alteration of JFK’s body and the way in which a second body
was used as a ‘stand-in’ for the dead President while
Kennedy’s real body was doctored. Mr Fleming plainly knows
his stuff on the real-life witnesses and events relating to JFK’s
post-mortem handling and manages to weave them into a
coherent narrative.

“While by no means an expert on this aspect of the
assassination, I found Mr Fleming’s portrayal of proceedings
very interesting indeed and (as far as I can ascertain without
in-depth research) somewhat credible. For instance the
photographer at JFK’s autopsy told the Assassination Records
Review Board that the pictures she took were not the ones
later released by the National Archives and that Kennedy’s
body had been in a very different state when she saw and
photographed it. I asked Mr Fleming whether his
reconstruction of the events of that night was based on
evidence or imagination. As I had anticipated, he did not
respond to this question, and I respect his choice to remain
silent on the matter. I therefore conclude that the ‘body
alteration’ narrative is a mixture of both fact and fiction – and
none the worse for that. I enjoyed it so much that I read the
whole thing in one sitting. Researchers will find this book at
best a thought-provoking and stimulating read and at worst a
frustrating hybrid of truth and fiction. Either way, I would say
that it deserves to be read by anyone interested in this aspect
of the assassination controversy.”

–Garrick Alder


Collinsville Library To Host My JFK Presentation on Nov. 22

As part of the Collinsville Public Library’s “Meet The Author” series, I will be discussing the JFK assassination on November 22, 2014, at 2 pm. My book, “The President’s Mortician: A Story Of How And Why JFK’s Murder Was Executed And Covered Up” will be available for purchase at a discounted price of $12. I will be happy to sign all purchased copies. The presentation is open to the public.

The discussion will include how and why JFK was murdered; the true nature of the plot that took his life; the extent and mechanics of the cover-up; the aftermath for America; as well as the long-term ramifications. More specific subjects that will be addressed include why the mainstream media have not exposed the truth; who were the likely triggermen; how and why JFK’s wounds were altered; how the assassination affected our Vietnam policy; the Warren Commission whitewash; and the CIA’s coordination of the plot.

The Collinsville Public Library is located at 408 W. Main Street in downtown Collinsville, Illinois. For more information, call (618) 344-1112.


Kindle Edition of “The President’s Mortician” on Sale for $4.99 on Amazon; Here’s an Exerpt:

You can now read what one reviewer has called “…a compelling and convincingly upredictable narrative.” Garrick Alder, a British journalist, wrote this about my historical novel The President’s Mortician–“…it tantalised me so much that I want to pick up the phone and hammer the Internet until I have tracked down his primary sources. Researchers will find this book a thought-provoking and stimulating read…it deserves to be read by anyone interested in this aspect of the assassination controversy.”

The Kindle version of The President’s Mortician is available for under five bucks. Here’s an excerpt from the book:

“In the time that has passed since the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was murdered, the topic has been addressed by hundreds of books, countless documentaries, numerous investigations—both public and private, and even a courtroom battle. The evidence in the case has been hashed and re-hashed many times over, yet the years (nearly 20 now) and the analysis overkill have not dulled the world’s fascination with the subject. Nor has time diminished America’s conviction that a conspiracy was afoot to take Kennedy’s life on November 22, 1963. Since the early 1970s the numbers have remained consistent—three in every four citizens believe that either accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone, or he did not act at all…rather, he was likely just the “fall guy” or the patsy. Moreover, among people 27-39 years of age as of 1980, upwards of 85% were pro-conspiracy (1). In other words, all reasonable people with even a passing knowledge of the events and aftermath of JFK’s assassination suspect that an organized, far-reaching plot took the president’s life that day in Dallas.

“Who killed JFK? The easy answer is that rogue CIA operatives planned, orchestrated and covered up the murder. But this solution is too pat, too simplistic. For it does not take into account the other elements that played their parts in the drama—Texas oilmen, Mafia associates, future presidents and corrupt politicians, ambitious lawyers, Secret Service traitors, the military hierarchy, and wealthy defense contractors. Taken together, these elements form a Secret American Empire.

“Born of the anti-communist fervor which inflamed the nation in the 1940s and ‘50s; fed by the enormous wealth of oil and weapons makers; protected by ambitious, greedy public servants; and enforced by violent, pathological criminals, this Secret American Empire possesses what amounts to its own foreign policy, its own air force, its own militia, its own economy, and its own rules. It is not subject to the laws of the land. It is rich and powerful enough to operate outside the laws that restrict all the rest of us. As Haroldson Lafayette Hunt, one of its high ministers, once said, “I am the richest man in the world. I can do any damn thing I want to do” (2). This empire existed before JFK’s murder, but it had never before pulled off anything so outrageous and brazen as the crime it committed on November 22, 1963. In fact, some of the participants feared for their own apprehension and left the country before and after the execution. Their fears were unfounded, however, because the fix was in. The new president, Lyndon Johnson, was the Empire’s boy, and soon he cut off all legitimate investigations and appointed his own fraudulent commission made up of the Empire’s most ardent protectors. Once the perpetrators knew they were safe, America became their playground. They were free to romp through the public trust, trample the Constitution, start an unnecessary and catastrophic war, have free reign over domestic and foreign policy, and invoke immunity from crimes committed. The JFK assassination taught the Empire that it could get away with anything, and in the years subsequent to 1963 it has coalesced its power and consolidated its reign over democracy. Its candidates have been elected, by hook or crook; its power base has expanded; its wealth has grown unchecked. It has smugly, almost defiantly, moved on to evermore audacious, outlandish covert operations—the removal of Richard Nixon from office, the subversion of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, the narcotic trafficking necessary to fund covert operations, and the overthrow of foreign governments. In short, the Secret American Empire, while waving the flag in our faces and clamoring to high heaven about the land of the free and the home of democracy, has done everything it can to undo the processes and the restraints that would impede it under a true democratic system. We are living in, and have been since 1963, a neo-fascist oligarchic state, where only wealth and power matter, where the ways and means of a free press are stifled, where the people are propagandized by disinformation and half-truths, where our elected officials represent their own greedy interests and the interests of the Secret Empire, rather than the interests of those who elected them.

“Would it have been different if JFK had lived? Emphatically, yes! Kennedy, a conventional cold warrior when he took the oath of office, had transformed into a startling advocate of world peace by 1963. His landmark address at American University, in June 1963, laid out a revolutionary vision of America and its place in the world, one that made him a lot of deadly enemies. A world without endless war? An America free of what Eisenhower called “…the unwanted influence of the military-industrial complex”? A pullback on the power of the intelligence community? JFK became a marked man. He wanted to pull us completely out of Vietnam. He wanted to negotiate a settlement to the Cold War and live in peaceful co-existence with the communist world (3). The Secret Empire was not going to tolerate such a radical paradigm shift in domestic and foreign affairs. That was the entire point of the assassination.”


Why Are They Still Lying To Us About JFK’s Murder? A Minister Tells Us Why

Of all the great JFK assassination books published last year (to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the assassination), one of the best was written by a Methodist minister named Dr. Lance Moore. Dr. Moore’s book, “Killing JFK: 50 Years, 50 Lies–From the Warren Commission to Bill O’Reilly, A History of Deceit in the Kennedy Assassination,” is meticulously researched, eloquently stated, and worthy of serious consideration. Yet you have probably never heard of Dr. Moore or his book. That’s because the media blackout of all voices critical of the official version (read establishment lies)of the assassination have stifled the purveyors of historical truth. I sympathize with Dr. Moore and other JFK authors/researchers, because I too have been denied access to mainstream media outlets (with the notable exception of my hometown St. Louis Post-Dispatch). Despite this, 75% of Americans know we are being fed a pack of lies by NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and all other corporate-owned conglomerates who have had a long, cozy relationship with the CIA.

In a piece written for OpEd News Dr. Moore condemns the unbalanced media and questions the purpose of continuing the cover-up a half-century after the event. He writes:

“A few days after the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, my wife and I chatted with a new acquaintance in an upscale bar in D.C., a spot frequented by Congressmen. Leaning toward us across the table, a dapperly-dressed man confirmed my suspicions about the CIA and a certain magazine. His wife, he confided, works for the internationally-prestigious magazine, and she had told him the CIA frequented her workplace to spy on a nearby embassy–with full cooperation by her employers. I found her story credible, in part because it is now well-established that the CIA infiltrated and influenced a long list of newspapers and magazines.1 Initially, I had been surprised that the magazine in question, an organization with great credibility in the academic community, risked their reputation to broadcast blatant lies about the JFK shooting. Why fib about something that happened half-a-century ago? The answer is astounding: the CIA –fifty years on–still believes it cannot afford the hit to its credibility… it refuses to admit that Lee Harvey Oswald was a company man. And it still has a vise-like grip on the mainstream media.

I am not a kook. Several parchments from prestigious institutions hang on my wall to assure me that I’m not crazy. I’m not a 911 ‘Truther’ or a ‘Man didn’t land on the moon’ conspiracy nut. Yet, when I began promoting my book about the JFK assassination, I observed some curious things. Major news outlets circled their wagons around the ‘official’ government story that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone nut, nixing any dissenting opinions. Pro-Warren Commission, pro-lone-gunman pundits (a dying breed) were trotted out on CBS, ABC and even PBS. Credible experts who offer proof of government complicity were disinvited. Others in the assassination-research community told me similar stories of how they had been scheduled for cable news/network appearances, but were cancelled at the last minute–without explanation. Even my local city newspaper, which has featured my writing on other topics, refused to print a rebuttal I had written to counter a ‘lone-gunman did it’ fluff-piece they ran in November 2013.

I have been harassed. Nasty, over-the-top attacks were posted on the Amazon review page of my JFK book (despite four and five star reviews by 95% of readers). Correspondence between myself and Vince Palamara (a Secret Service expert who has been featured on C-SPAN, the History Channel, etc.) was sliced open and contents stolen, apparently with the blessing of the U.S. Postal Service.2 At the 50th anniversary event in Dealey Plaza November 22nd, an ABC-TV cameraman pulled out his iPhone and snapped a picture of my book’s cover, saying he was personally interested in it… but made it clear his network was not. A CBS reporter and his cameraman interviewed me, but the footage never aired. At the end of the day, outside the Dallas JFK museum in the Texas School Book Depository, I was assaulted–choked without any provocation–by the bodyguard of former Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, as I tried to shake hands with Hill after his book-signing.3 These are things happening now, not 50 years ago.

But let’s back up and look at the long media history. The few times the networks dared examine the topic, the reporting was one-sided. CBS, for example, gave extended screen-time to so-called “conspiracy debunker” Gerald Posner, but allowed only short, benign snippets from lone-gunman critics like Dr. Cyril Wecht (and Dr. Wecht is a top-notch forensic scientist; Posner is not). I challenge doubters to put a stopwatch on any major network’s coverage of the JFK assassination and see how much time is afforded the debunkers vs. the conspiracy ‘nuts.’ Though I am personally convinced that the CIA helped kill Kennedy, I concede there are two sides to this debate. So, mainstream media, give us both sides! The one-sided press coverage should scare the hell out of us.”

You can read the full article on opednews.com


Buy The Kindle Version of My Book Today For $1.99


My publisher, Neverland Publishing, has arranged through Kindle to offer a time-based promotional sale of the Kindle version of The President’s Mortician.  The promotion begins today, March 8th, with the Kindle version of The President’s Mortician being made available for sale at the discounted rate of $1.99.  The price increment will increase daily by $1 until Monday, March 10th–the last day of the promotion–at which time the price for the Kindle version will be $3.99.  Here is the link to Amazon– http://www.amazon.com/Presidents-Mortician-Tim-Fleming/dp/098882907X
Here is a synopsis of The President’s Mortician:
Largely unknown to history, John Liggett was one of the most macabre and gruesome figures of the 20th century.  A skilled undertaker and body reconstructionist, he was also a contract killer with furtive intelligence connections.  One summer night young Conrad “Con” Reese, Jr., while peeping in his neighbor’s window, witnesses one of Liggett’s crimes—the horrifying murder of Nancy Weirshellen.  Nancy’s husband, Ed, is wrongly convicted of the murder, and, though Con knows Ed is not the murderer, Con does not come forward to tell his story to authorities.
As he grows older, Con feels deep remorse for letting an innocent man get convicted of murder, and he retains a clear image of the real murderer in his memory.  Quite by accident Con eventually comes to learn that the killer is John Liggett.  With the help of a journalist friend, Con learns that Liggett has suspicious connections to the JFK assassination. 
Liggett’s actions on November 22, 1963, speak to the sinister role he may have played in helping plotters cover up the true nature of the President’s murder.  Liggett, considered by many to be the best “reconstruction artist” in his field, abruptly abandoned his duties at Restland Funeral Home in Dallas just minutes after Kennedy was shot.  He received a mysterious phone call and immediately took off for Parkland Hospital in a Restland hearse which contained a casket in the back.  Liggett was not seen again by his family until the next day, when he returned home disheveled and ashen.  Without explanation, he promptly loaded his family into a car and drove off for south Texas.  In a motel room the next day, Liggett and family heard of Lee Harvey Oswald’s murder, and Liggett suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, saying, “Everything’s okay now.  We can go home.”
But Liggett’s secret work is not done.  He is enlisted by powerful forces to murder key witnesses to the truth of the Kennedy assassination.  One of his victims is Nancy Weirshellen.  Ed Weirhsellen is convicted of the crime and imprisoned, but, with the help of Con and his friend, Abbie Monroe, Ed escapes custody.  When Con and Abbie reveal the identity of Nancy’s murderer to Ed, Ed goes on a deadly search for Liggett.
Along the way, the reader learns of the true nature of the plot to kill Kennedy and how the deed was covered up in the most diabolical and clever way imaginable.  Ed Weirshellen confronts Liggett in the narrative’s climactic scene.

JFK Conspiracy Fact #11: Read My Interview in Today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The JFK assassination is the focus of the November 10 edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Arts & Entertainment page.  In the books section I am interviewed by the Post’s book editor, Jane Henderson.  She has a regular feature, in question and answer format, which highlights St. Louis authors. Here is a reprint of the article:

“Penned in St. Louis by Jane Henderson:”
Tim Fleming, 60, grew up in an Irish Catholic family and began reading books about President John F. Kennedy’s assassination when he was just a kid. “It’s been a lifelong obsession,” he says. Now a retired English teacher who lives in O’Fallon, Ill., Fleming uses history as a backdrop for his novel “The President’s Mortician” (Neverland, 242 pages, $16.95).

Q: The “mortician” of the title is John Liggett, a real person. Why is he important? • A: I believe he was involved in the postmortem alteration of JFK’s wounds to disguise the true nature of how JFK was murdered. How, where and when he did this is the central thesis of “The President’s Mortician.”

Q: If he helped cover up facts about the shooting, why haven’t historians paid more attention to him and any survivors who knew him? • A: His work was done in secret, and few people even knew of his existence. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a close relative of Liggett, who told me his story.

Q: You also send Liggett on a fictional trip to St. Louis? • A: Yes, Liggett was not only a master mortician, but also a contract killer who was jailed for murders he committed in Dallas. I have him commit a fictional murder in St. Louis to bring the narrative close to the area I know best.

The full interview can be found at stltoday.com/entertainement/books

Read more at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/ASIN/098882907X