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More Proof That CIA Hired Mass-Murdering Nazis

Upon publication of my first novel, Murder Of An American Nazi, I was ridiculed in many quarters for having the audaciousness and affrontery to suggest that the CIA hired thousands of Nazis after World War II to help do its dirty work. The central thesis of my novel is that Allen Dulles and other American spymasters employed these mass murderers to spy on the communists, indoctrinate U.S. intelligence in torture techniques learned in the Nazi death camps, show the CIA how to use LSD as a mind control drug, and develop space rocketry and weapons for American use in the Cold War (see Operation Paperclip). As the years have passed, and I’ve been proven right, my detractors have cowered back under the slimy rocks from which they emerged, because they have no ground on which to stand. The declassification of millions of CIA documents have exposed more immoral, ruthless, and senseless Nazi collaboration than even I had imagined.

The latest CIA misdeeds are chronicled in the Toronto Globe and Mail, in an article written by Eric Lichtblau. (God forbid an American paper should report on CIA atrocities; of course, most American media outlets have been CIA assets for the last half-century anyway [see Operation Mockingbird]. The establishment hacks have howled at me about this assertion too.) Lichtblau writes:

“One SS officer (hired by the CIA), Otto von Bolschwing, was a mentor and top aide to Adolf Eichmann, architect of the “Final Solution,” and wrote policy papers on how to terrorize Jews.

“Yet after the war, the CIA not only hired him as a spy in Europe, but relocated him and his family to New York City in 1954, records show. The move was seen as ‘a reward for his loyal postwar service and in view of the innocuousness of his [Nazi] party activities,’ the agency wrote.

“His son, Gus von Bolschwing, who learned many years later of his father’s ties to the Nazis, sees the relationship between the spy agency and his father as one of mutual convenience forged by the Cold War. ‘They used him, and he used them,’ Gus von Bolschwing, now 75, said in an interview. ‘It shouldn’t have happened. He never should have been admitted to the United States. It wasn’t consistent with our values as a country.’

“When Israeli agents captured Eichmann in Argentina in 1960, Otto von Bolschwing went to the CIA for help because he worried they might come after him, memos show.

“Agency officials were worried as well that von Bolschwing might be named as Eichmann’s ‘collaborator and fellow conspirator and that the resulting publicity may prove embarrassing to the U.S.,’ a CIA official wrote.

“After two agents met with von Bolschwing in 1961, the agency assured him that it would not disclose his ties to Eichmann, records show. He lived freely for another 20 years before prosecutors discovered his wartime role and prosecuted him. He agreed to give up his citizenship in 1981, dying months later.

“In all, the American military, the CIA, the FBI and other agencies used at least 1,000 ex-Nazis and collaborators as spies and informants after the war, according to Richard Breitman, a Holocaust scholar at American University who was on a government-appointed team that declassified war-crime records.

“The full tally of Nazis-turned-spies is probably much higher, said Norman Goda, a University of Florida historian on the declassification team, but many records remain classified even today, making a complete count impossible.

“ ‘U.S. agencies directly or indirectly hired numerous ex-Nazi police officials and East European collaborators who were manifestly guilty of war crimes,” he said. “Information was readily available that these were compromised men.’

“None of the spies are known to be alive today.

“The wide use of Nazi spies grew out of a Cold War mentality shared by two titans of intelligence in the 1950s: Hoover, the longtime FBI director, and Dulles, the CIA director.

“Dulles believed ‘moderate’ Nazis might ‘be useful’ to the United States, records show. Hoover, for his part, personally approved some ex-Nazis as informants and dismissed accusations of their wartime atrocities as Soviet propaganda.

“In 1968, Hoover authorized the FBI to wiretap a left-wing journalist who wrote critical stories about Nazis in the U.S., internal records show. Hoover declared the journalist, Charles Allen, a potential threat to national security.

“John Fox, the bureau’s chief historian, said: ‘In hindsight, it is clear that Hoover, and by extension the FBI, was shortsighted in dismissing evidence of ties between recent German and East European immigrants and Nazi war crimes. It should be remembered, though, that this was at the peak of Cold War tensions.’

“The CIA declined to comment for this article.”



Sociopathy of Billionaire Predators


In a previous post I discussed the harmful effects that right-wing billionaires have on our sociocultural lives.  Because of their enormous wealth and power, their evil influence penetrates all strata of American society–in politics, business, education, medicine, the environment, and our collective values (or lack thereof).  A new article published in today’s Op-Ed News redirects my perspective on this matter.  Writer and Op-Ed publisher Rob Kall asserts that billionaires are sociopaths, and we should treat them as such.  What is a sociopath?  Most psychologists define sociopaths as people who lack a conscience.  They are rapacious and greedy without regard for others, and they will say or do anything to get their way.  There is a streak of narcissism in sociopaths, who by and large care only for themselves and not one whit for others.  This is in line with the American conservative’s political philosophy, in that Republicans support policies that promote individual wealth and autocracy at the expense of the greater good.
In his article entitled “Monuments Men, Gestapo Generals, Billionaires,” Kall goes even further with his indictment of conscienceless billionaires: “These people are not just wealthy. They are parasites who exploit workers, who are the biggest welfare hogs, using and taking advantage of the government, the commons and the middle class. They are the generals in the class war– a war that they and their ilk started and have been ginning up. They are enemy generals. Their spending, which I would estimate runs in the billions of dollars, more if you include the welfare and parasitization they engage in, is used to destroy lives, and it actually kills people, or kills their hopes and dreams. They are indeed far worse than billionaire Tom Perkins whined when he spoke of comparing the wealthy to the Jewish victims of Kristallnacht.
“Let’s talk about Perkins. This man recently sold his yacht– the biggest  sailing yacht ever built– 289 feet– for about $100 million dollars– at least $50 million less than he paid for it.  The Megayacht news website that reported this stated that Perkins kept the personal two man submarine he had built.  This man attacks the people of Occupy for challenging the one percent. He feels threatened. He should feel threatened. No, I don’t want to do to him as I would do to a Nazi general. But I do want to end his life as a billionaire. I do want to eliminate all billionaires from the planet.
“That doesn’t mean I want to kill them or harm them. No. I want to take away what they do not deserve– their wealth. No sane person deserves, wants or needs billions of dollars. No person needs a 289 foot private sailing yacht. No person needs to privately own a painting or work of art that costs over $100 million. People who feel the need to possess that much money and such obscene, even pornographic possessions are sick. More and more people are saying  it takes a sociopath to run a fortune 500 company or to become a billionaire.  I’ve learned a bit about sociopaths and they are part of a collection of predators and malevolent personalities, which include psychopaths, anti-social personalities, narcissists and Borderline personalities. I’d also throw in addicts and hoarders to the list.”
What Kall is saying is that the same traits that define someone as mentally deranged in psychological terms are also the traits that propel one to enormous wealth in the dog-eat-dog world of capitalism.  This makes me wonder if sociopaths are born or made.  DSM, the bible of Psychology, asserts that many sociopaths come from homes where one or both are parents are tyrants.  The home is a rigid, tense place where mental or physical abuse may be used on the developing child.  The sociopath exhibits then the tendency to be deceptive, discompassionate, and desocial in childhood.  He learns that in order to succeed in the world, he needs to amass more power than those who have subjugated him, and by any means necessary he goes about accumulating this power.  Since, in America at least, power is wealth, the sociopath’s overriding ambition is to gain and hoard as much money as possible. 
All this makes me wonder–can we identify the “sociopath” in early life and quarantine him before he does society a great deal of harm.  Just think, with this knowledge we might have saved the world from Adolph Hitler, Strom Thurmond, Benito Mussolini, Anthony Scalia, Dick Cheney, John Schnatter, the Koch brothers, and Allen Dulles among many other criminally insane sociopaths.  Alas, if we could diagnose and isolate sociopaths, the Tea Party would claim that we were doing too much social engineering.  Hey, I can still dream, right?
Kall concludes, “Billionaires are predators who step on, step over and remorselessly destroy, harm or even kill people to reach their goals– usually to win and dominate. And these people don’t become billionaires or successes alone. They corrupt and buy (infect) many people– politicians, regulators, judges along the  blood way to get to the top. Just as generals in wars make decisions to spend the lives of troops, billionaires and CEOs consider the costs of people who are sickened by pollution or who die because they didn’t have access to healthcare to be an acceptable part of doing business. And don’t dare try to tell me that everyone can go to the emergency room. If that’s what you are thinking, crawl back under your rock, like a good insect.”

New Book Confirms That U.S. Intelligence Employed Nazis


Regular readers of this blog are well aware of my assertions of U.S. intelligence malfeasance and atrocities after World War II, including granting asylum and new lives to the most despicable Nazi war criminals imaginable (the CIA’s Operation Paperclip).  Independent corroboration of my assertions continues to present itself.
An article in today’s online version of Business Standard confirms that Operation Paperclip did in fact exist, and it involved the highest echelons of U.S. intelligence in collusion with some of the worst Nazi war criminals of World War II.  In essence what our government did was hire Nazis instead of prosecuting them for the murder of six million innocent European citizens.
A new book has laid bare some of the facets of the controversial plan to bring Nazi scientists to the US.
“In ‘Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program to Bring Nazi Scientists to America’ author Annie Jacobsen uses newly released documents, court transcripts, and family-held archives to give the fullest accounting yet of the plan – one shared by the British, the French, and the Russians, all of whom enlisted and embraced top Nazis, the New York Post reported.
“The Department of Defense had created a top-secret, elite task force called the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency, or JOIA. They were subordinate to the Joint Intelligence Committee, which briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff on national security threats.
“Jacobsen said that within one year of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the JIC warned the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the US needed to prepare for ‘total war’ with the Soviets- and to include atomic, chemical, and biological warfare – and that they even set an estimated start date of 1952.
“Unofficial US policy held that it was imperative to secretly bring in those Nazis who could accelerate USA’s scientific, technological and economic advancement.
“The Allies held elite Nazis in two luxurious locales: the Palace Hotel in Luxembourg, renamed ‘Ashcan,’ and Crane Mountain Castle in Hesse, Germany, renamed ‘Dustbin.’
“These were the places where the most wicked Nazis lounged in well-appointed rooms, strolled through apple orchards, played chess, smoked and drank, and gave each other lectures in grand halls.”
You can read more of Operation Paperclip in my book “Murder Of An American Nazi.”

CIA’s Skeletons Are Being Unearthed: And The Atrocities Are Ugly

The brave few who have challenged the intelligence establishment in this country are slowly eroding the walls the CIA has built around its dirtiest secrets.  The Freedom of Information Act provides all citizens the right to peruse the documents we paid for, regardless of which clandestine agency created them and how heinous the crimes reported therein.  Thus, some day, hopefully soon, the true story of the CIA’s sordid history will be revealed for all to see.

Under great pressure from those who have filed civil suits, the National Security Archive has posted several documents relating to the overthrow of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953.  For those of you who need a quick history refresher, Mossadegh was Iran’s legitimately elected leader who just happened to have populist/socialist leanings, and, as such, threatened U.S. business interests in the region–specifically the oil industry.  Mossadegh was beloved by the Iranian people, but he was deemed unsuitable by the CIA (Corporations Invisible Army) and was thus overthrown.  An iron-fisted totalitarian was installed; perhaps you’ll remember him: the Shah of Iran.  Despised by the people for his political oppression and his overt corruption, the Shah did a profitable business with U.S. oil companies for a quarter century.  When the Iranian people finally took action in the late ’70s, the Shah was deposed and American embassy workers were taken hostage.  The hostage crisis lasted 15 months, toppled the Carter administration and ushered in the era of Reagan.  But the genesis of the crisis can be fully blamed on the U.S. itself, namely the CIA and its corporate allies, for intervening in a sovereign nation’s right to determine its own destiny.

This was standard operating procedure for the CIA, which overthrew socialist and communist leaders across the globe from the 1940s on.  Among their other clandestine tricks were the rescue and repatriation of Nazi war criminals after World War II and the subversion of the free press in America.  Operations we are learning more about each day.

The work of incorporating Nazis into our intelligence apparatus, space programs, medical research, and weapons technology was called Operation Sunrise or Operation Paperclip.  Among the well-known “Paperclip Nazis” were:

Wernher von Braun, Nazi V-2 rocket scientist who worked on guided missiles and manned rocket programs for the U.S.  He was named Director of NASA’s Space Flight Center, and, despite his questionable past, became somewhat of a celebrity in the 1960s.  At no time was he forced to publicly renounce his Nazi ideology or made to pay for his war crimes. (He used slave labor camps to build his rockets in Nazi Germany.  Thousands died of starvation and brutality in these camps.)  A CIA-sponsored feature film, called I Aim For The Stars, was even made which honored his courage and audacity.   

Kurt Blome, Nazi chemist who performed cruel experiments on death camp prisoners.  He was hired by the U.S. Army to develop chemical warfare weapons.

Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s top intelligence officer.  He got a job spying on the Soviets for the CIA.  In fact, he cut a deal with the CIA (OSS) to hire practically his entire Third Reich intelligence network.  Much of the information he provided his superiors in U.S. intelligence greatly exaggerated Soviet military capabilities.  Gehlen lied to make himself seem more important and useful to the CIA, and this led directly to the escalation of the Cold War and U.S. military buildup in the 1950s and beyond.

Heinrich Rupp, another Nazi war criminal who went to work for the CIA after World War II.  In 1980 he accompanied George H.W. Bush, Vice Presidential candidate at the time, to cut a deal with Iran to delay the release of American hostages until after the election of the Reagan/Bush ticket in America in November 1980.  The hostages were released on January 20, 1981, just minutes after Reagan and Bush were sworn into office.  In return, Rupp promised release of Iran’s frozen assets, laying the groundwork for the Iran-Contra deal.  So Rupp, the Paperclip Nazi, helped steal an election, control U.S. foreign policy, and helped precipitate one of the worst scandals of the 1980s.

Arthur Rudolph, Operations Director at Mittelwerk factory at the Dora/Nordhausen concentration camps where thousands were worked to death.

Evil as it was, Operation Paperclip was surpassed, some say, by Operation Mockingbird.  Mockingbird was a well-organized, systematic destruction of the free press in America in the second half of the 20th century.  Why destroy the free press?  Because a free and independent press was the CIA’s worst enemy.  Unfettered investigative journalism would have (or at least should have) uncovered the CIA’s dirty secrets and criminal operations.  The CIA needed to operate in secrecy, without threat of being detected, in order to get away with murder, coup d’états, drug running, sabotage of democracies, and covert fascist policies. 

As outlined by reporter Carl Bernstein in a Rolling Stone article in 1977, the CIA co-opted, bribed, threatened, recruited and partnered with media assets at TV networks, newspapers, publishers and radio outlets across the nation.  Frank Wisner, who ran Mockingbird for the CIA in the 1950s, once famously bragged, the program was like his own mighty Wurlitzer, “…I can play any tune I want on it, and America will follow along.”  William Colby, CIA Director under Nixon, added, “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”  This meant that it was a simple matter for the agency to print and broadcast propaganda, cover up misdeeds, plant false stories, and smear CIA opponents at will.  I believe this is what prevented an honest journalistic investigation of the JFK assassination.


JFK Conspiracy Fact #6: Prime Suspect Was Power-Mad Nazi Sympathizer and U.S. Corporate Elitist

An incomplete yet stunning biography of the Dulles brothers, written by Stephen Kinzer, delineates the utter control and totalitarian power that Allen and John Foster had over America and the world in the 1950s.  Allen Dulles was head of the CIA and John Foster Dulles ran the State Department.  Under Eisenhower, who essentially abrogated his domestic and foreign policies to these brothers, the Dulleses had free reign to overthrow foreign leaders whom they despised and maintain a secret imperialist dominance for American corporate interests around the globe.

Long before the ‘50s, in fact, the Dulleses were funneling U.S. dollars into Nazi Germany.  Their firm, Sullivan & Cromwell, helped finance I. G. Farben, the German chemical company which produced the Zyklon B gas used to murder millions of Jews in concentration camps, as well as Krupp A.G., Nazi weapons manufacturer.  John Foster was close friends with Reichsbank president Hjalmar Schact.  Allen signed his letters to Nazi officials with a respectful “Heil Hitler.”

Sullivan & Cromwell became so influential and powerful in American corporate spheres that the Dulleses were often rewarded with posts on many of their clients’ boards.  One was United Fruit, which, with Allen’s CIA help, overthrew duly elected Guatemalan president Jacobo Arbenz.  United Fruit had confiscated peasants’ land there for growing bananas at slave-labor costs.  When Arbenz tried to return the land to the peasants and nationalize the fruit-growing industry, UFC and the CIA ousted him.  The CIA earned the nickname Corporations’ Invisible Army.

Eisenhower turned a blind eye to this as long as the Dulles brothers kept America out of war.  Ike had seen enough death and destruction in World War II, and opted for another way to exert America’s dominance over the world.  So while he played golf with Bob Hope in Palm Springs, the Dulles brothers ran the country.

When Kennedy came into office, Allen, still head of the CIA, assumed he was still in charge.  But after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Kennedy fired him.  This outraged the Eastern intelligence/business establishment, and Allen took out his revenge in Dallas.  To ensure the matter would be covered up properly and exculpate all guilty parties, LBJ appointed Allen to the Warren Commission…or was it the other way around? As de facto head of the Warren Commission, Dulles attended more meetings and hearings than any other member.  He misled witnesses, diverted evidence, misinformed his colleagues, and brushed aside all CIA culpability.  Funny what happens in a murder case when the lead investigator is also the prime suspect.

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