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Why Are They Still Lying To Us About JFK’s Murder? A Minister Tells Us Why

Of all the great JFK assassination books published last year (to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the assassination), one of the best was written by a Methodist minister named Dr. Lance Moore. Dr. Moore’s book, “Killing JFK: 50 Years, 50 Lies–From the Warren Commission to Bill O’Reilly, A History of Deceit in the Kennedy Assassination,” is meticulously researched, eloquently stated, and worthy of serious consideration. Yet you have probably never heard of Dr. Moore or his book. That’s because the media blackout of all voices critical of the official version (read establishment lies)of the assassination have stifled the purveyors of historical truth. I sympathize with Dr. Moore and other JFK authors/researchers, because I too have been denied access to mainstream media outlets (with the notable exception of my hometown St. Louis Post-Dispatch). Despite this, 75% of Americans know we are being fed a pack of lies by NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and all other corporate-owned conglomerates who have had a long, cozy relationship with the CIA.

In a piece written for OpEd News Dr. Moore condemns the unbalanced media and questions the purpose of continuing the cover-up a half-century after the event. He writes:

“A few days after the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, my wife and I chatted with a new acquaintance in an upscale bar in D.C., a spot frequented by Congressmen. Leaning toward us across the table, a dapperly-dressed man confirmed my suspicions about the CIA and a certain magazine. His wife, he confided, works for the internationally-prestigious magazine, and she had told him the CIA frequented her workplace to spy on a nearby embassy–with full cooperation by her employers. I found her story credible, in part because it is now well-established that the CIA infiltrated and influenced a long list of newspapers and magazines.1 Initially, I had been surprised that the magazine in question, an organization with great credibility in the academic community, risked their reputation to broadcast blatant lies about the JFK shooting. Why fib about something that happened half-a-century ago? The answer is astounding: the CIA –fifty years on–still believes it cannot afford the hit to its credibility… it refuses to admit that Lee Harvey Oswald was a company man. And it still has a vise-like grip on the mainstream media.

I am not a kook. Several parchments from prestigious institutions hang on my wall to assure me that I’m not crazy. I’m not a 911 ‘Truther’ or a ‘Man didn’t land on the moon’ conspiracy nut. Yet, when I began promoting my book about the JFK assassination, I observed some curious things. Major news outlets circled their wagons around the ‘official’ government story that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone nut, nixing any dissenting opinions. Pro-Warren Commission, pro-lone-gunman pundits (a dying breed) were trotted out on CBS, ABC and even PBS. Credible experts who offer proof of government complicity were disinvited. Others in the assassination-research community told me similar stories of how they had been scheduled for cable news/network appearances, but were cancelled at the last minute–without explanation. Even my local city newspaper, which has featured my writing on other topics, refused to print a rebuttal I had written to counter a ‘lone-gunman did it’ fluff-piece they ran in November 2013.

I have been harassed. Nasty, over-the-top attacks were posted on the Amazon review page of my JFK book (despite four and five star reviews by 95% of readers). Correspondence between myself and Vince Palamara (a Secret Service expert who has been featured on C-SPAN, the History Channel, etc.) was sliced open and contents stolen, apparently with the blessing of the U.S. Postal Service.2 At the 50th anniversary event in Dealey Plaza November 22nd, an ABC-TV cameraman pulled out his iPhone and snapped a picture of my book’s cover, saying he was personally interested in it… but made it clear his network was not. A CBS reporter and his cameraman interviewed me, but the footage never aired. At the end of the day, outside the Dallas JFK museum in the Texas School Book Depository, I was assaulted–choked without any provocation–by the bodyguard of former Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, as I tried to shake hands with Hill after his book-signing.3 These are things happening now, not 50 years ago.

But let’s back up and look at the long media history. The few times the networks dared examine the topic, the reporting was one-sided. CBS, for example, gave extended screen-time to so-called “conspiracy debunker” Gerald Posner, but allowed only short, benign snippets from lone-gunman critics like Dr. Cyril Wecht (and Dr. Wecht is a top-notch forensic scientist; Posner is not). I challenge doubters to put a stopwatch on any major network’s coverage of the JFK assassination and see how much time is afforded the debunkers vs. the conspiracy ‘nuts.’ Though I am personally convinced that the CIA helped kill Kennedy, I concede there are two sides to this debate. So, mainstream media, give us both sides! The one-sided press coverage should scare the hell out of us.”

You can read the full article on opednews.com


PBS Re-Airs Laughable “Cold Case: JFK”

The NOVA series on PBS is usually a reliable, scientific, fact-based program. I generally enjoy their insightful shows. But PBS has severely undermined its credibility by continuing to air “Cold Case: JFK.” The show ran again on March 28, and I took a very hard look at it. Propagating the historical lie that Oswald’s magic rifle and superhuman bullets killed Kennedy, PBS found pseudo experts (father and son Luke and Mike Haag) to explain to viewers how a bullet (Warren Commission Exhibit 399) that inflicted nine wounds on two human beings could emerge intact. How could PBS sell its journalistic integrity down the river, I asked myself. What prompted its broadcast of such obvious nonsense? I found the answer in the opening credits: “Funded by David Koch.”

If you don’t know David Koch, let me give you some background. He is one of the richest men in America. He and his brother are right-wing fanatics committed to abolishing Social Security, taxation of the wealthy, Medicare, minimum wages, and voting rights for minorities. He has spent millions trying to prove that Obama is a socialist Muslim who was born in Kenya. He is a lying, tax-dodging, Kennedy-hating, fascist Oligarch. He can buy anything he wants, and the truth is for sale. Always strapped for money, PBS will spread historical lies for a few million. Seen in this context, “Cold Case: JFK” (the smarmy title speaks to PBS’s raging envy at the commercial networks’ success with fictional crime shows) should be evaluated for what it is: a blatant fairy tale paid for by a billionaire who wants to keep Americans ignorant, placated and duped.

But for those of us who have honestly investigated JFK’s murder, “Cold Case: JFK” is a joke. I expose its lies, omissions and wild speculation here.

The show opens with the declaration that “ballistics is the key to cracking the case.” Having investigated the case myself for over a half-century, I know with rock-solid certainty that ballistics are NOT the key to unlocking the mystery, because the ballistic evidence is unreliable. But I listened to NOVA’s case anyway.

One of the contributors says, “You would think the Kennedy assassination would be easy to solve. It took place in front of many hundreds of witnesses including law enforcement. And it was filmed by several cameras. However, it has turned into one of the most complex murder cases in history.” NOVA is apparently oblivious to the fact that this is a very good indication that someone was tampering with evidence, intimidating witnesses, and corrupting law enforcement–all very good indicators of a massive plot.

The ubiquitous sad sack–Secret Service agent Clint Hill–makes a guest appearance and a startling omission, inadvertently proving conspiracy. “The President’s blood, brain and skull matter blew out to the rear on the trunk of the car.” This indicates definitively that the kill shot came from in front of Kennedy, and not from the rear where Oswald was positioned. Unless, bullets can make U-turns in mid-flight, that is. (I’m surprised NOVA did not try to prove this!)

The NOVA narrator, with his smooth, soothing voice, assures us that, “Back at the crime scene witnesses point to the Texas School Book Depository as police search the building.” This is an out-and-out lie. A vast majority of witnesses pointed to the grassy knoll as the source of the shots, and most of them scurried there immediately after the shots were fired.

But most of NOVA’s (Koch’s) untruths are contained in omissions. I documented ten before losing track:

Omission #1: “Three empty cartridge cases were found on the sixth floor of the TSBD building.” They could have been (and were) planted there. This possibility escapes NOVA.

Omission #2: “A 6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano rifle was found on the same floor.” So was a 7.65 German Mauser which quickly disappeared from the official record.

In between Omissions 1 and 2, a funny interlude occurred. The Haag team’s Carcano rifle jammed. I suppose they did not even consider that this could have happened to Oswald.

Omission #3: “The case against Oswald was tied up in a couple hours. I give credit to the Dallas Police.” To this day it is a mystery how the Dallas Police zeroed in on Oswald as a suspect so quickly. There was not even a roll call of TSBD employees until an hour after Oswald had been arrested.

Omission #4: “Oswald was a communist.” NOVA fails to ask why a communist would live and work in the most fanatically right-wing city in America. And why did he associate with CIA covert operatives George DeMohrenschildt and Ruth Paine?

Omission #5: “Ruby came out of nowhere to shoot Oswald.” How did Ruby get access to the Dallas Police Headquarters just in time to kill the murder suspect of the century? NOVA offers no explanation, though I’m sure Koch would have paid for one if needed.

Omission #6: “The Secret Service had to draw their guns to get the body out of Parkland Hospital and avoid an autopsy there.” Why did the Secret Service refuse to let the coroner, Dr. Earl Rose, perform an autopsy? No explanation is offered by NOVA. My research indicates that agents Roy Kellerman, Emory Roberts, and William Greer, all of whom played a part in the plot to kill JFK, were not about to let an honest autopsy reveal clear evidence of a conspiracy.

Omission #7: PBS’s own Jim Lehrer (presumably another of Koch’s paid lackeys) says, “Imagine how horrible it was for the Secret Service to lose a president on their watch.” How does Lehrer know this? Maybe the Secret Service was delighted that JFK was killed. There is plenty of evidence to indicate that the Secret Service despised Kennedy. One agent joked, “I wouldn’t get in the way if someone shot at him.” And on November 22, 1963, no agent made any effort to save Kennedy’s life. NOVA either does not know or did not care that several members of the President’s detail got drunk the night before the assassination. Security was lax the entire Texas trip. SAIC Emory Roberts told other agents to stand down as bullets flew in Dealey Plaza. Limousine driver William Greer slowed the car down and turned to look at JFK twice as the murder occurred. He did not take evasive action until the President’s head had been blown off.

Omission #8: “The bullet exited Kennedy’s shirt collar near the throat.” Exited? That’s not what the Dallas doctors said. To a man they were convinced that JFK’s throat wound was one of entrance. But NOVA does not mention this.

Omission #9: “The magic bullet was found on Kennedy’s stretcher after being dislodged during cardiac massage.” Two problems here, NOVA: the bullet should have been found on Connally’s stretcher, not Kennedy’s, if it had really passed through both men; moreover, the Dallas doctors and nurses saw no back wound on Kennedy.

Omission #10: Luke and Mike Haag go to great lengths to prove that the magic bullet, which supposedly passed through both Kennedy and Connally, could have inflicted nine wounds and still emerged completely undamaged. But they make no mention of how an identical bullet from an identical rifle could shatter into a thousand pieces when striking Kennedy’s head. Both bullets supposedly passed through human bone, tissue, and organs. One emerged whole and the other disintegrated. How??

In the end, NOVA’s case is preposterous. Nothing more than a disinformation piece, bought and paid for by a power-mad billionaire bent on perpetuating historical lies for his own political ends.