Bio: I am the author of books and short stories across several genres. My most recent work, a non-fiction book about the JFK assassination entitled "JFK and the End of America," was published in January of 2018. My other works include historical fiction novels "The President's Mortician" and "Murder of an American Nazi"; a literary fiction short story called "The Barefoot Hero," published in the anthology Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road; and a horror story titled "Back to Lopez Island" in the short story anthology The Speed of Dark. All works are available on Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “About

    1. Judyth–
      I will grant you permission to reprint a portion of chapter 8 with the proviso that you include a note to your readers that alerts them to the fact that my book is currently unavailable because I am seeking a new publisher for the purposes of issuing a revised second edition. Hopefully, the new edition will be available in a few months. One other request: please limit your reprint of chapter 8 to no more than half the chapter.

      Tim F

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