Liberals Don’t Get It; Trumpites Are A Different Animal

There’s a scene in the TV series “The Sopranos” where Dr. Melfi, Tony’s psychiatrist, is told by her husband that “there is no cure for a sociopath…they are animals.” It suddenly dawns on Dr. Melfi that all of her years spent working to help Tony have been for naught. Psychoanalyzing an animal is pointless. Talk therapy does not help. Meds don’t help. Trying to understand them is pointless. Ascribing normal human standards to their behaviors is an exercise in futility. In the end, one must realize that they can’t be persuaded, shamed, or cajoled to do the right thing. They have no conscience or morality. They are concerned only with themselves, and they live to prey on others.

This is what liberals do not understand about Trumpites. We try to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that their anger is somehow justified. We look for justification for their irrational hatred of Hillary and Democrats. We hope that Trump’s language and behavior are just a means to a better end. We delve into sociological causations for the disaffection of the white working class. We make excuses for college-educated females who voted for Trump. We desperately search for a glimmer of sensibility in half of all voters supporting a compulsive liar, sexual predator, tax cheat and business fraud.

Liberals, please listen. There is no humanity in a Trumpite. Stop attributing human qualities to non-humans. They are animals, devoid of compassion, empathy and concern for the greater good. They live, breathe and think only for themselves. The rest of us are merely marks in their con games. Like their leader, they use humans as a way to get what they want for themselves. And they couldn’t care less if others are happy, safe or prosperous as long as they are. Take Obamacare, for example.

You know why they want to rip it apart? It’s not because they have some deeply and thoughtfully considered socioeconomic objections, or that they see a better way of implementing universal care. No. It is simply because they do not want others, especially those beneath them, to be cared for. The well-being of others makes them furious, especially if their tax dollars contribute in some small way to that abomination. Even if Trumpites have their own wealth and comfort, they do not want others to share in the same abundance. For what is the point of being prosperous if others have it too? Remember, animals fend for themselves. Sociopaths are merely snakes on the prowl, not beneficent do-gooders.

Gun obsession is another example of the sociopath’s self-centeredness. In his view, the world is a jungle, and a weapon gives him the advantage. The animal seeks to intimidate and cow others, and he assumes that all others are animals too…ones from which he needs to be protected. It never enters a Trumpite’s head that liberals want everyone to be protected, that the greater good is served by keeping guns out of irresponsible hands, that liberals want humanity to exist on a higher plane of shared decency and respect. For the animal there is no such plane. There is only the jungle. There is only me.

Liberals, wake up. Trumpites are animals. Conscienceless, amoral, hateful, brutal, and completely devoid of remorse. (If Democrats had won the election despite losing the popular vote by millions, they would have felt guilty. But not these animals.) Stop treating them like they are human. Call them out for what they are. Shame them for their shamelessness. Be relentless in pointing out their inhumanity. And don’t forget, you cannot appease an animal. You cannot compromise with it; you cannot work with it. It will bite your head off as soon as you turn your back on it.

Thankfully, in America animals are still outnumbered by human beings. Appeal to human beings’ decency and sense of righteousness. And stop trying to figure out Trumpites. Sociopaths are incurable.


2 thoughts on “Liberals Don’t Get It; Trumpites Are A Different Animal

  1. So the supposedly liberal analysis is that Trump supporters are all animals and sociopaths, eh? That’s an extraordinarily bitter reaction to the fact that millions of Americans were sufficiently perceptive to recognise the absolute necessity of voting for anyone who had a realistic chance of defeating the psychopathic Hillary Rodham Clinton. It’s utterly baffling that you could write a lengthy article containing the words “Clinton” and “sociopath” yet somehow fail to make the glaringly obvious connection between them.
    I’ve spent nearly six decades on this planet and I’ve never been so relieved at the outcome of any election as I was when Donald Trump derailed the seemingly inexorable downward spiral of the USA into the police state that was being created by the hideous Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama regimes. This is not about Republicans versus Democrats or Conservatives against Liberals or even Right versus Left; those facile labels only serve to obscure the fact that the two parties are merely the two cheeks of the same globalist arse. Behind the façade of the political puppet show, they’re all serving the same élite masters and shitting on the rest of us from a great height.
    Trump’s appeal is that he’s the only realistic contender for high office whom I have EVER heard call out those clandestine puppet-masters for the malignant parasites that they are. At the same time, he’s treating the CIA-controlled fake news outlets with the undisguised contempt which they so richly deserve. Good for him, I say, and long may he keep it up. If nothing else, he has made the right enemies and that alone is enough to get my support, at least at the present time.
    I’m sure he’ll make a few mistakes along the way but I hope and pray that he succeeds in rooting out the corruption, criminality and even outright treason that has been riddling American politics for decades now. Most of all, I hope the 45th POTUS finishes what the 35th President tried to achieve and smashes the CIA into a thousand pieces so that America may once again be governed by the people, for the people, rather than be manipulated by alphabet agencies and banksters for the benefit of élite criminal syndicates, (of which the breathtakingly corrupt Clinton Foundation is but a single, disgusting example).

    1. I understand your weariness with the Bush-Clinton quarter-century, but choosing Trump to make your stand against the establishment is laughable. You hope Trump “succeeds in rooting out corruption, criminality, and even outright treason”??? Have you even been paying attention? Trump is the most corrupt, treasonous, and criminal president to ever sit in the Oval Office. He laundered money for Putin’s oligarchs. His allegiance is to Russia, not the US. His business dealings were failed, fraudulent scams. He is a compulsive liar, a misogynist and a racist. He has the verbal acumen of a 3rd grader. He sympathizes with Nazis, white supremacists and authoritarian governments. He is a conscienceless narcissist concerned only with his own self-enrichment. He cares not one whit about the destruction of the planet, wasteful military spending, the eradication social safety nets, and the mass murder of children. He feels empathy for no one but his miserable self. He insults our allies, baits our nuclear enemies, has no concept of the importance of diplomacy, and is willing to destroy our institutions to save his own skin (this is not Hoover’s FBI…Allen Dulles is dead). We will be lucky to survive his four years without our country becoming a nuclear wasteland. He has surrounded himself with fascist toadies, wife-beaters, greedy sycophants, and incompetent idiots. His family is an international embarrassment, and they have made America a laughingstock. In short, Trump is a stupid, amoral pig. The worst president in our history, Comparing him to JFK is insanity. JFK wanted to cut back defense spending not increase it. JFK hated military parades. His internal battles with the CIA were to save democracy not himself. JFK aligned himself with civil rights and the struggle for equality; Trump appeals to segregationists and white nationalists. If you want America to be governed by the people and for the people, and not Russian and American oligarchs, our only hope is to impeach this national joke.

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