Buy The Kindle Version of My Book Today For $1.99


My publisher, Neverland Publishing, has arranged through Kindle to offer a time-based promotional sale of the Kindle version of The President’s Mortician.  The promotion begins today, March 8th, with the Kindle version of The President’s Mortician being made available for sale at the discounted rate of $1.99.  The price increment will increase daily by $1 until Monday, March 10th–the last day of the promotion–at which time the price for the Kindle version will be $3.99.  Here is the link to Amazon–
Here is a synopsis of The President’s Mortician:
Largely unknown to history, John Liggett was one of the most macabre and gruesome figures of the 20th century.  A skilled undertaker and body reconstructionist, he was also a contract killer with furtive intelligence connections.  One summer night young Conrad “Con” Reese, Jr., while peeping in his neighbor’s window, witnesses one of Liggett’s crimes—the horrifying murder of Nancy Weirshellen.  Nancy’s husband, Ed, is wrongly convicted of the murder, and, though Con knows Ed is not the murderer, Con does not come forward to tell his story to authorities.
As he grows older, Con feels deep remorse for letting an innocent man get convicted of murder, and he retains a clear image of the real murderer in his memory.  Quite by accident Con eventually comes to learn that the killer is John Liggett.  With the help of a journalist friend, Con learns that Liggett has suspicious connections to the JFK assassination. 
Liggett’s actions on November 22, 1963, speak to the sinister role he may have played in helping plotters cover up the true nature of the President’s murder.  Liggett, considered by many to be the best “reconstruction artist” in his field, abruptly abandoned his duties at Restland Funeral Home in Dallas just minutes after Kennedy was shot.  He received a mysterious phone call and immediately took off for Parkland Hospital in a Restland hearse which contained a casket in the back.  Liggett was not seen again by his family until the next day, when he returned home disheveled and ashen.  Without explanation, he promptly loaded his family into a car and drove off for south Texas.  In a motel room the next day, Liggett and family heard of Lee Harvey Oswald’s murder, and Liggett suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, saying, “Everything’s okay now.  We can go home.”
But Liggett’s secret work is not done.  He is enlisted by powerful forces to murder key witnesses to the truth of the Kennedy assassination.  One of his victims is Nancy Weirshellen.  Ed Weirhsellen is convicted of the crime and imprisoned, but, with the help of Con and his friend, Abbie Monroe, Ed escapes custody.  When Con and Abbie reveal the identity of Nancy’s murderer to Ed, Ed goes on a deadly search for Liggett.
Along the way, the reader learns of the true nature of the plot to kill Kennedy and how the deed was covered up in the most diabolical and clever way imaginable.  Ed Weirshellen confronts Liggett in the narrative’s climactic scene.

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