Another Historically Ignorant Author Spews Lies

Beware truth seekers, there is yet another deluded JFK author out there.  This one is someone named James L. Swanson, and his book is called “End of Days.” (It would be more aptly titled “Endless Daze,” because it stumbles and bumbles its way from untruth to untruth like an unrepentant drunk trying to convince his wife that the lipstick on his collar is tomato juice.) Even worse, Swanson, like Bill O’Reilly, has begun his own “assassination franchise.”  His previous work was about the manhunt for Lincoln’s killer.  Let’s hope his next book is “Killing Swanson.”

The lone nutters, like children who believe in the tooth fairy, take the original myths spun by the Warren Commission and embellish them as if they are somehow uncovering some new Oswald-damning information.  It is the equivalent of a 5-year-old telling mommy that “…not only did the tooth fairy leave me a quarter, but he also talked to me and patted me on the head good-night.” (These morons generally aren’t even old enough to remember the assassination and, having been raised in the age of Reagan conservatism, mostly hate Kennedy anyway.)  Swanson is no exception.  In an interview with The Oregonian, Swanson snivels, “One of the most common misconceptions is that Dallas was a conservative or ‘right wing’ city of hate that killed President Kennedy. That’s absurd. Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist, not a conservative. And he spent more time living in the Soviet Union than he ever did in Dallas. Jackie Kennedy described him as a “silly little communist.” Another misconception is that people fail to remember how strong the evidence against Oswald really is.”
Yes, Dallas was a liberal bastion in 1963; no matter that city leaders printed “Wanted for Treason” posters with JFK’s picture on them and freely handed them out the day he was killed.  Oilmen like H.L. Hunt and Clint Murchison, who ran Dallas, hated Kennedy and vowed to “shoot him out of office.”  Dallas was more right-wing insane and hateful than any city in America.  Daily radio broadcasts, sponsored by Hunt and listened to by most Dallasites, spewed right-wing hate at JFK constantly.  And Newspaper publisher Ted Dealey ran an endless stream of negative stories about the President.
As for Oswald, there is no hard evidence against him.  A paraffin test proved he did not fire a rifle that day.  He was spotted in the second-floor lunch room of the Texas School Book Depository at the time of the shooting.  And someone else’s fingerprints were found near the murder weapon: Mac Wallace’s, LBJ’s personal hit man.  Oswald was sent by the CIA to the Soviet Union to pose as a fake defector.  This clandestine twist apparently is too spy-crafty for Swanson’s little brain.  Imagine if he did any real investigation and found that Oswald’s best friends in Dallas–George DeMohrenschildt and Ruth Paine–were CIA.  Swanson’s tiny cerebral cavity would explode…just like JFK’s head did when he was shot from the grassy knoll.
Just like anti-abolitionists a century ago, Oswald-did-it historians will be ridiculed and dismissed as charlatans 100 years from now.  Future man will ask, “How did pseudo-experts like Swanson get away with their inane fairy tales.  Why weren’t they challenged by investigative journalists?”  Alas, investigative journalism died in the 20th century.  As ex-CIA Director William Colby put it, “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” 

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