JFK Conspiracy Fact #4: The Suspects’ Own Words And The Words Of Others Indict The Guilty

JFK Conspiracy Fact #4: The Suspects’ Own Words And The Words Of Others Indict The Guilty

What follows is my list of the prime suspects in the murder of President Kennedy and the incriminating statements by them or others who knew them very well—

1)      The CIA and the Pentagon

”…as Kennedy’s [peace] speech reached out to Kruschev, it opened a still wider chasm between the president and his own military and intelligence advisers.  To the Pentagon and the CIA, the president’s words of peace at American University seemed to put him on the enemy’s list.”

                           –from JFK And The Unspeakable, by James Douglass


“One very high American official here, a man who has spent much of his life in the service of democracy, likened the CIA’s growth to a malignancy, and added he was not sure even the White House could control it any longer.

Unquestionably Mr. McNamara and Gen. Maxwell Taylor both got an earful from people who are beginning to fear the CIA is becoming a Third Force co-equal with President Diem’s regime and the U.S. Government – and answerable to neither.  If the U.S. ever experiences a military takeover, it will come from the CIA, and not the Pentagon.”

                               –from an article by Richard Starnes in the Washington Daily News, October 2, 1963        

       2)   Lyndon Johnson and John Connally

             “He [Yarborough] described how Connally and Johnson were screwing him; worse, he said they’d be after John Kennedy in a minute if they thought they could get away with it.”

                                          –from Advance Man, by Jerry Bruno                            

       3) Allen Dulles

          “That little Kennedy, he thought he was a god.”

                                          –spoken by Allen Dulles to his collaborator Willie Morris of Harper’s

                                             for an unpublished manuscript “The Confessions of Allen Dulles”

       4) David Atlee Phillips, Frank Sturgis, David Morales, Lucein Sarti, William Harvey

            All implicated in E. Howard Hunt’s deathbed confession.

                                             –from Rolling Stone article of April 2007

       5) George H.W. Bush and George DeMohrenschildt

            “Maybe you will be able to bring a solution into the hopeless situation I find myself in.  My wife and I find ourselves surrounded by some vigilantes; our phone bugged; and we are being followed everywhere…I tried to write, stupidly and unsuccessfully, about Lee H. Oswald and must have angered a lot of people.  Could you do something to remove this net around us?  This will be my last request for help and I will not annoy you any more.”

                                              –letter from George DeMohrenschildt to his good friend George H.W. Bush who was Director of the CIA at the time.  DeMohrenschildt was Oswald’s best friend in Dallas.  Shortly after this letter was written, DeMohrenschildt was found shot to death on the very day he was scheduled to testify to the House Select Committee on Assassinations .


6) Curtis LeMay

      “Those goddamn Kennedys are gonna destroy this country if we don’t do something about this!”

                                            –from the movie Thirteen Days





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