JFK Conspiracy Fact #5: NOVA’s “Cold Case Kennedy” is Junk Science

Like its fictitious namesake, PBS’s “Cold Case Kennedy” is a made-for-TV junk, full of improbable plot twists, magic bullets, astounding coincidences, and an easy, pat solution.  Watching it pleases the simple-minded.  It encourages one to not think too hard; just rely on pseudo-experts to do the thinking for you.  In the end, you’ll be satisfied with the conclusion.  Because in TV land the real murderers never get away with it.

Just one problem.  This Cold Case was a real murder, and not just any murder, but the murder of a President who was secretly at war with his own intelligence agency and military chiefs.  He had enemies who had the power to muddy any crime scene, kill any witness, destroy tangible evidence, even highjack the body for pre-autopsy alteration.  You won’t see this in any TV special.  In the JFK case you have to actually do your own thinking instead of relying on some TV contrivance.

However, in TV land bullets can do impossible things like land intact on a hospital stretcher after fracturing human bone and tearing human skin and muscle.  In real life this never happens.  But in NOVA the magic bullet is pristine after passing through Kennedy’s and Connally’s bodies.  The Cold Case scientists concoct, contort, and twist themselves into logic pretzels to accomplish this.  They ignore the fact that no other bullet in recorded human history has ever done this.  And Dallas doctors found more fragments in Connally’s body than are missing from the magic bullet…no mention of this on NOVA.

Then NOVA’s scientists try to make us believe that it is quite common for a person who is shot in the head from behind to have his head move backwards.  It all has to do with putty in the head…or play-dough in the brain…I can’t recall which.  It was all explained so fast that I could barely follow the logic (which was the whole point, I suppose).  It’s meant to rationalize JFK’s head snap backwards while being shot from the back.  (No gunshot victim in recorded history has ever done this, but this is TV land where anything is possible.)  Most appeasing to the uncritical viewer.  But it ignores eyewitnesses’ testimony of hearing and seeing shots from in front of the motorcade.  Eyewitness evidence was discretely omitted from the NOVA episode.

Contradictory wound analysis was glossed over.  Some doctors got it right; others got it wrong.  The ones who agreed with NOVA were right; the others were whimsically wrong.  No dissenting experts were given more than brief air time; then they were summarily dismissed as quacks.  I’m surprised the NOVA producers did not insist they wear black hats. You see, conflicting medical evidence makes for bad TV…as in not comforting.

JFK’s autopsy photos and x-rays are assumed to be genuine.  And only the set which were done at the end of the autopsy are presented.  No mention made of earlier photos and x-rays which have just disappeared.  And omitted are the Dallas doctors’ observations of frontal entry wounds.  These men saw bullet entries in the front of Kennedy’s body and an exit wound to the rear of his head.  But an autopsy photo shows the rear of Kennedy’s head intact…the bullet exit wound just DISAPPEARED between Dallas and Bethesda.  This is too dangerous and confusing information to present to mindless TV viewers, so I guess the NOVA scriptwriters thought it best to ignore the Parkland evidence.

I was left wondering what NOVA really stands for.  My best guess is Never Offer Viable Alternatives. 

I call on all thinking Americans to boycott PBS.  Do not send them your dollars; do not support them in any way.  If the network persists in preserving and protecting the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people, then it has outlived its usefulness.


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